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Month: July 2016

Best Blog For Teachers:

July 28, 2016

  It’s always important to stay up to date on current trends and tips when creating lesson plans. Times are constantly changing, so to avoid becoming stale with your outdated lessons, why not get creative with your approach to teaching? As you’re preparing your plans for the upcoming school year, consider these teaching blogs that…

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Summer Sports Safety Checklist

July 28, 2016

Summer is a prime time for sports clinics and getting your team ready for next season. Running in the hot weather can put extra stress on your players and set them up for a higher risk of injury. To avoid them getting hurt, here is a summer sports safety checklist to make sure you follow:…

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Top 5 Tips For Teachers During the Summer

July 21, 2016

A great benefit of being a teacher is having the time in the summer to do whatever you please. After all of your travel plans and home renovation projects are complete, you may want to take the time to work on your biggest project yet–yourself! Taking some time to focus your attention on your plans…

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Locker Tips Every Tween Should Know

July 20, 2016

Step foot into any middle or high school and the first thing that you will be greeted with is a row of lockers lining every hallway. As your students transition into middle school, one of the things they might be most excited about is getting to use a locker! Help them give their locker some…

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Nickerson Corporation: What We Offer

July 14, 2016

Nickerson Corporation has been supplying educational furniture and equipment to schools in New York and New Jersey for over 60 years.  We believe that in order for a student to get the most out of their education, they need to have a reliable, comfortable and flexible classroom to learn and play in.  That’s why we…

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Keep Your Classroom Clean For the Upcoming School Year

July 13, 2016

Even though school is out for the summer, it seems like a teacher’s job is never fully done. Since you will probably be making some trips into your classroom over the summer, whether it be to drop off items or attend some meetings, it might be a good idea to get a head start on…

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Tips To Revamp Your School Lesson Plans This Summer

July 7, 2016

Now that school is out, you can spend your summer time working on lesson plan revamps. There’s something exciting about kicking off the start of a new school season with some fresh ideas. So dust off those old lessons and get creative while creating your new ones. Here are some tips to create effective and…

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Summer Science Projects For Kids

July 5, 2016

While summer break is lots of fun, without planned activities, the days can be long for your little ones. Encourage out-of-school learning with the most fun subject of all–science! Integrating science into your daily summer routine is easier than you think, because science is all around us. Almost every activity has a scientific angle and…

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