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Month: January 2015

Tips To Improve The Safety Of Your School

January 30, 2015

If we asked you to rate your school’s safety on a scale of 1-10, 1 being barely protected and 10 being overly secure, what would you say? At Nickerson Corporation, we’re rooting for you to come out with a 10, but should you feel that your school’s safety borders on the fence of a 4 or…

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Super Bowl Classroom Activities

January 27, 2015

As a result of many schools across Long Island and the rest of the tri state area closing today due to the blizzard that has touched down, many teachers have been left with unexpected time on their hands. Although the day might be spent shoveling or spending some time outdoors enjoying all that nature has…

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Things To Consider Before Buying Administrative Furniture

January 21, 2015

Have you ever bought something on a whim to later find that it didn’t add up to what you were really looking for when you got home? Maybe the new end table you picked out for your living room didn’t fit in with the theme of your home. Or, maybe your new dining room place mats…

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What Can Nickerson Corporation Do For You?

January 20, 2015

As a teacher, principal, superintendent or other school administrator, part of your responsibilities include creating a positive environment that enhances a child’s educational experience. While teaching the appropriate material in the correct way is essential, it is also important to develop a classroom where students feel both safe and comfortable the moment they walk through…

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100th Day of School Ideas

January 14, 2015

Is your 100th day of school coming up? For elementary aged students especially, the 100th day of school is a milestone that is often celebrated in the classroom. And the best part is, this event can be intertwined with the various subjects taught throughout the day, which means students won’t lose out on any academic instruction…

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How To Host A Successful School Assembly

January 12, 2015

Whether it be to introduce students and teachers to a new, informative topic or to meet with a large group of students at once to discuss upcoming events such as graduation, school assemblies are a great tool that administrators can use. Not only do they allow you to reach the masses at once, but they…

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Spring Semester Success Tips for College Professors

January 8, 2015

While elementary, middle and high school students are already back to school, college students and professors alike may still have some time before classes pick up again. But while students may be returning from their long awaited tropical vacation or heading out for a last minute weekend trip, college professors are more likely to be found putting…

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New Year’s Resolution Ideas For Teachers

January 6, 2015

What do you hope to accomplish in 2015? Maybe you aspire to eat better and stick to a strict fitness routine. Or, maybe you’d like to spend more quality time with your family. Whatever your personal New Year’s Resolutions may be, it’s also a good idea to leave room for professional career goals you’d like to…

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