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Summer Sports Safety Checklist

July 28, 2016

Summer is a prime time for sports clinics and getting your team ready for next season. Running in the hot weather can put extra stress on your players and set them up for a higher risk of injury. To avoid them getting hurt, here is a summer sports safety checklist to make sure you follow:

Establish weather related policies: Schools should have a plan in place to prevent the risk of illness during extremely hot days. Coaches should be wise on using their judgement to make a call to stop activity when the conditions seem unsafe.

Create hydration plan: Encourage your athletes to drink fluids before and after an exercise session, and periodically throughout their workout. A sports drink provides great hydration when an activity lasts beyond 45-50 minutes, otherwise water is key in keeping them hydrated.

Have a heat-illness program in place: Prevent heat illnesses through medical screenings ahead of time. Your team should go through environmental monitoring, where adjustments can be made depending on the conditions. Make sure to choose an appropriate uniform selection to accommodate the warmer temperature and acclimate them gradually into their rigorous training program. In the event of an injury or heat related illness, always make sure to keep a first aid kit on hand at all times.

Make sure equipment is safe: Sports equipment should be maintained properly and inspected regularly to assure that it fits properly, is in good working condition and meets the national safety standards. Nickerson offers complete on-site maintenance and repair programs to keep your athletic equipment system safe and up to code.


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