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Locker Tips Every Tween Should Know

July 20, 2016

Step foot into any middle or high school and the first thing that you will be greeted with is a row of lockers lining every hallway. As your students transition into middle school, one of the things they might be most excited about is getting to use a locker! Help them give their locker some personality while staying organized, with these locker tips that every tween should know:

Choose Fun Decorations: Magnets, pictures and mirrors all make great accessories in showing their personality and adding some flair. Encourage your students to keep their decorations to a minimum however, as space is limited and they will want to maximize the most room for storing their books and supplies.

Add Accessories: Adding accessories such as a shelf, or hooks are a great way for your students to maximize their storage space and help make a home for all of their belongings. After all, we wouldn’t want their gym clothes to get mixed in with their packed lunches now would we?

Keep It Clean: It’s very easy for lockers to pile up with loose papers, old tests and garbage, so your students should make it part of their weekly routine to clear out the clutter. Keeping a small container of wipes come in handy for some quick cleanups.

Be Safe: Encourage your students to memorize their combinations and not give them out to anyone. Lockers hold important items such as their coats, books, and after school sporting equipment, so they should avoid sharing that personal information to keep their stuff safe. Also, warn your students of the potential dangers of keeping very valuable items in their locker–jewelry and extra lunch money should never be kept in there.

Are your students excited about getting a locker for the first time? Make sure that they are all up to par before the school season begins. At Nickerson Corporation, we believe that lockers are essential to the continued success of students, which is why we are committed to providing durable, secure, well-ventilated school lockers that also encourage a ton of school spirit to schools in New York, New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Our products are top of the line and our manufacturers include leaders in the locker industry. We offer a full set of locker installation services, and will work with you to devise the perfect locker layout to fit your school’s specific needs. For all of your locker repair or replacement needs, give us a call at  631-666-0200 today.