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Time Saving Tips for The Classroom

August 1, 2017

One of the most challenging things in the classroom is staying on schedule. To get the most of your students time and complete your daily syllabus, you probably have your day outlined, but sometimes the day doesn’t always go as planned. So if you are looking for new ways to stay on track, here are some time-saving tips that can help:

Set Priorities

When you are planning out the day-to-day schedule of the class, be sure to prioritize activities. Give more time for major subjects and less for crafts, holiday assignments, and videos. As the day goes on, evaluate where you’re at and adjust it accordingly.

Keep Material Accessible

Instead of keeping all supplies in the same local area, spread them out around the room. Start a running list of whose day it will be to collect, hand out, and put away the supplies daily. Having the supplies spread throughout the room, with one designated collector, will avoid backup and allow for more time to do other activities.

Think Mini Lessons

To figure out timing, schedule a few mini lessons daily. Have an ideal time determined beforehand and set a timer to see how far you get each time; giving you an idea of how to pace similar lessons moving forward.

Stagger AM Lessons

One of the most wasted times of the days is when students arrive. Instead of waiting for the entire class to come in, schedule morning task to be done as each student enters. Whether it’s a morning quiz that is already up on the board or a reading; this will give you more time to fit in all your daily lesson plans.

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