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How to Move Towards a Paperless Classroom

August 1, 2017

Technology has been a great force in the education field, and with blackboards disappearing and SMART Boards being the norm, more and more schools are heading towards the paperless route. The days of waiting for your report card by the mailbox are now gone, and more and more students are utilizing a digital world, but how does this benefit the teachers?

Increases Collaboration and Less Handouts

With a wide variety of apps and online tools for students to use, kids will feel more inclined to work in teams. It allows them to have open discussions and even find homework help, giving you more time to discuss other topics in class. Beyond the team work, no handouts means no excuses; and we can finally say goodbye to the famous “the dog ate it” excuse. With everything now online, students and parents can easily have access to any class assignments and grades.

Share and Learn With Your Peers

As a teacher, working online can help you share and bounce ideas off your co-workers and other teachers around the world. You can easily upload your lesson plans and even find new ones. If your classroom has a SMART Board, you can quickly pull up an assignment or your syllabus for the whole class to view — making it another way to get your students involved and engaged.

Getting Your Classroom Online

So if you are planning to ditch the paper and head towards a more digital classroom, you should first create a teacher website. You can do this with many easy-to-use platforms; this will be the place where students and their parents can view assignments, any upcoming tests, field trips or report cards — making the endless photo copies and stapling a thing of the past.

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