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The Benefits of Playing an Instrument in School

August 1, 2017

The school year is headed our way and as it does, so do the after school activities. Sports and clubs are all set to consume your children’s after school time slots, but if you are looking for a more low key activity that can increase your child’s overall academic experience, think music. Being part of the band or orchestra is a great bleacher activity that can help your child become a well-rounded student. So what exactly are the benefits of playing an instrument?  

Increased Team Skills

Being in the band means your child has a responsibility to others. They are now part of a team, and they have to be able to work as one. To be a well-rounded band or orchestra, they must be able to listen and be in sync with one another — increasing your child’s patience and team building skills.

Better Coordination

No matter what instrument they choose, they must master the art of hand-eye coordination. The more they practice, the better their coordination will get. So if your child is in the clumsy, awkward stage, playing an instrument might give them a better handle on their hand-eye coordination and can even help when it comes time to play spring sports.

Stress Reliever

Just like any form of art, playing an instrument is a wonderful way to express yourself. Practicing and playing can relieve stress and be a great mood booster, too. Which gives your child something positive to focus on.

Increase Social Interaction

Being part of a team can form lifelong friendships. Your child will be paired with other kids who have similar interests, making it easier to find and keep friends. With practices and competitions, they will also be spending a large chunk of time together strengthening these bonds and friendship.

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