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How to Design a Classroom to Maximize Learning Potential

February 16, 2016

While the material presented inside the classroom is extremely important, an instructor’s ability to effectively convey that material can actually be hindered based on classroom design. Just as office working environments are carefully planned out for maximum productivity, the same care and thought processes should be taken for classroom design as well. After all, a school classroom is the original and arguably most important working environment around, isn’t it?

Overall Layout – First and foremost, the layout of a classroom plays a tremendous role in its effectiveness as a learning space. Studies have shown that the best layouts not only define specific spaces and foster collaborative learning, but they are also flexible. It’s important to be able to move things around quickly and easily to accommodate different learning styles and techniques.

Furniture Flexibility – Just as a classroom’s layout must be flexible, more importantly, so should it’s furniture. Your tables, desks and chairs should be as comfortable and functionable as possible. After all, if your students are going to be required to sit in their seats all day, it’s only fair that we make them as pleasant as possible.

Color Choices – From a design perspective, be cognizant of the decor choices you choose, specifically by way of color options. Generally speaking, warm, bright colors are recommended for elementary level classrooms because they encourage interaction. For the higher level grades, cool colors are recommended because they promote relaxation and concentration.

If you’re ready to design a classroom that’s both beautiful and functional, allow the experts at Nickerson Corporation to provide the furniture!

Here at Nickerson Corporation, our motto and ultimate goal is to furnish a child’s education to provide them with only the best education possible. That’s why we’ve committed to supplying the reliable, comfortable and flexible classroom furniture your students want, and need to suceed.

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