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Everything You Need for a Successful Holiday Concert

December 8, 2015

With the holiday break almost here, we’re sure you’ve been diligently working to prepare your auditorium for a great show before the students take off for a few weeks of family fun. But, aside from the necessary instruments and well-rehearsed students, there are certain key factors to secure in order to have a successful and celebrated holiday concert this season.

Blurred Orchestra stage with chairs and microhone as Background

Adequate Audio Visual – A school concert is nothing if the audience can’t hear the music! A proper A/V setup is important to project musical instruments and voices into the audience. Be sure to check your microphones and speakers, and make any necessary repairs or replacements before the big day. It’s a good idea to test your A/V setup at least one week prior to the concert, and then again the morning of just to be safe.

Music Stands & Stage Seating – Make sure your young musicians have the setup they need to sit comfortably and read their music with ease. Many schools use use stackable or folding chairs to set their stage, as they are easy to manipulate in order to accommodate students and instruments of all sizes! It’s always a good idea to have a few tucked away for backup in case they’re needed during the concert.

Study, Working Risers – If your school offers the option to participate in chorus or chorale in addition to a band or orchestra, you’ll need to have a set of functioning risers for your vocalists to stand on. As an alternative, you may want to purchase a small stage for the students to project from instead. The choice is up to you!

Comfortable Auditorium Seating – If your auditorium seating is outdated, run-down or not adequate enough to hold a sizable audience, give your local school furniture experts a call! A quick inspection can help you determine where upgrades need to be made in order to make your guests comfortable as they was their rising stars perform.

No matter what you require, Nickerson Corporation has a wide variety of stages and risers as well as movable and fixed seating options to help your students blow their holiday concert out of the water! If you’re unsure exactly what you need, we can take a look at the venue number of students participating and the anticipated audience size to determine the correct products to help make your performance run as smoothly as possible.

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