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All About Nickerson Corporation

June 19, 2015

More than 60 years ago in 1952, founder Donald Nickerson recognized the demand for quality, affordable school furniture in New York State and the surrounding areas. From there, Nickerson Corporation was born, taking our first steps in Donald “Nick” Nickerson’s garage in Greenwich, CT. Nick, and his assistant Peggy – the companies only two employees at the start – worked together to manage Nick’s sales and travel schedule, relying only on landlines, payphones, and U.S. Mail. Slowly but surely Nick was able build Nickerson Corporation from a garage startup to a reliable, trusted school furniture supplier.

Nickerson Corporation, Long Island, school furniture

In the late 60’s Nick introduced Robert “Bob” Keller to the Nickerson equation. Bob quickly moved up the ranks from truck and installation hand, to salesperson, to part owner by the mid 1970’s. A recent college grad of 1969, Bob was excited about the opportunities that he saw on the horizon for Nickerson Corporation and had visions of expanding into new territories and creating new product lines. It wasn’t long before Bob bought the remaining half of the company from Nick and moved it’s headquarters to Long Island, where we reside today. Bob continued to grow the business by hiring a dedicated sales team to take their products into New York, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Bob is still a partner of Nickerson Corporation, but it is now owned in majority by Stephanie Keller, Bob’s daughter. We are happy to say that with all of Nick, Bob and now Stephanie’s efforts, Nickerson corporation has grown to provide jobs for over 45 employees, selling product lines geared towards all levels of education and higher education, pharmaceutical labs and administrative offices.

Our company mission statement mirrors Donald “Nick” Nickerson’s business philosophy, as we strive to “provide high quality furniture and equipment, at a competitive price, with on time deliveries, servicing our customers, with the utmost integrity, to their complete satisfaction.”

We encourage you to check out our product pages listed above, or give us a call at 631-666-0200 to learn more about our company and the services we offer.