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Nickerson Website Now Live!

March 5, 2012

Welcome to the New Nickerson Website.  Hopefully you find it resourceful and helpful.  One of our goals for 2012 is to implement new technology into our company.  The website was our first initiative, the implementation of a new computer system is next, and we hope to close off the year with a virtual Nickerson catalog.

I must give credit to our newest employee, Brittany O’Brian for all her work and creativity on this project.  We did not hire Brittany to develop the website.  Actually I once went in and asked her if she knew anything about website design and she said no she was a history and political science major.  But being the youngest in the firm, and therefore in my mind the most tech savvy, it ended up on her desk.  I must say she did a great and fast job with learning about web designs and the array of Nickerson products.  I am very happy she came to work for us instead of joining a political campaign in this election year.

Please enjoy the website and if anyone has any comments feel free to contact me.

-Stephanie Keller, President