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Nickerson Corporation offers indoor and outdoor scoreboards for all of your sport needs.

Outdoor Scoreboard
• We offer High-contrast amber LEDs with dimming feature to provide visibility in all conditions.
• Wide viewing angle provides viewing from virtually any location on the field
• UV-resistant paint is available to protect against the elements

Indoor Scoreboard:
• Super-bright, long-lasting LEDs provide consistent color with no “hot-spots”
• Three color (amber, red and green) LEDs protected by acrylic light-diffuser
• Standard horn with every indoor basketball scoreboard


Our Trusted Manufacturers:

Fair-Play by Trans-Lux uses the latest in LED technology to create custom digital display scoreboards. Most well-known for their long lifespan and reliability, Fair-Play scoreboards are also highly energy efficient. This long lasting product with low power consumption results in a solution with great cost savings.

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