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Our gym control systems offer a new convenience to gym operating staff.  No longer do you have to manually turn a key for every basketball backstop and dividing curtain.  Now everything in the gym can be controlled by one control system.

Gym Control Systems

EZ Pad Plus

EZ Pad Plus is a moderately priced control system loaded with features you expect from more expensive high-end controls.

EZ Pad Plus allows the user to operate gym equipment devices including:
• backstops
• divider curtains
• electric height adjusters, etc.
• as well as on/off type items like lights.

EZ-Pad Plus system can be configured to control up to 128 gym devices and up to 32 on/off devices. Connected items may be operated individually or as a member of groups of up to 8 items. Up to 9 different groups can be stored in each EZ-Pad Plus touch pad, so with multiple touch pads, group combinations become nearly infinite.

EZ-Pad Plus touch pad is 12 VDC and features a 3 line LCD display for user friendliness. Touch pad mounts is an off the shelf electrical box. EZ Pad Plus is field programmed and features multi-level password protection to insure only and authorized system administrator can modify the program and passwords. System also includes a hard coded backdoor password that Draper can provide passwords are lost or compromised.

Smart Gym

Smart Gym by Draper is the most flexible and most powerful gymnasium control system available. Smart Gym allows you to control your:
• Basketball Backstops
• Electric Height Adjusters
• Gymnasium Divider Curtains
• Overhead Volleyball Systems
• Mat Lifters
• and other electrical products with the touch of a button all without keys or individual switches.
Each Smart Gym system consists of a processor assembly, one or more relay panels and the facilities choice of interface which can be one of three touch screens, a Wi-Fi kit with a mobile tablet or some combination of interfaces. Smart Gym is capable of controlling thousands of devices from the same processor and is programmed to fit specific project needs.

Safety First:
Only persons with the programmable four-digit security code can access the system, so unauthorized persons cannot operate your gym equipment.
Save Time
Smart Gym can operate items individually or as a member of one or more groups. Group functions are limited by the number of circuits available, the specific items connected to each circuit and what devices an operator can reasonably observe during operation. Careful project planning can allow large and highly functional groups and even groups that simultaneously operate devices in opposite directions. Contact Draper or your local Draper Gymnasium Equipment Representative for assistance with planning for the use of a Smart Gym Control System
Save Money
The Smart Gym allows for sharing of circuits which can reduce electrical costs of dedicated circuits for each device. Strategically locating relay boxes can reduce high voltage wire runs. Interfaces operate with inexpensive and easy to run Ethernet power/communications.

Our Trusted Manufacturers:

Draper Inc. has been manufacturing athletic equipment since 1902. Their extensive experience creating gym dividers, wall pads, batting cages, and much more makes them experts in the industry. You can count on quality and competitive prices that will exceed your expectations on all of Draper’s equipment.

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